May 02, 2022

Nature’s Remedy Apricot Kernels

(Part 1)

Richard Hoffman

Rational, Radical Remedies

(Part 2)

Jin Shen Hel

Please understand that I am a medically retired Fire Captain/Peace Officer and Father. I am not trained above the certification of an Emergency Medical Technician, nor do I claim to be a Physician or anything close to an Oncologist by today’s standards. However- I have assisted/ been blessed in the recovery of many cancer victims/ friends, associates, and their contacts (who have all lived well past/ continue to live normal lives, far beyond their expected “expiration date”) over the years in my fight against this disease, many of whom were able to terminate/ avoid radiation or chemotherapy treatments altogether. I am now fighting to provide you with this information, in the hopes of empowering you to take action in your own treatment or that of a loved one- ‘today’.   -Richard Hoffman

The purpose of PART 2 is to offer consolidated, circulated, conceivably safer, and actually affordable alternative treatments, complimentary care and possible cures for cancer (i.e. by implementing the use of bioactive anti-cancer phytochemical compounds found naturally in plants and their parts, the exclusion of ingesting meats and other animal byproducts that have been reported to increase the growth of/ cause cancers, and by incorporating moderate to intensive lifestyle changes) in an attempt to prevent, help treat, and cure ‘holistically’. It is purely informative- in the hopes of enabling readers to make the most informative care decisions possible. -Happy Healing 😊 Jin

(Part 1)

Nature’s Remedy Apricot Kernels 

‘Cut to the CURE’

You are simply supplementing your current food intake to include 100% All- Natural apricot kernels–

one of ‘Nature’s Incredible Remedies.’

WARNING: Unregulated over consumption of apricot kernels- can cause severe symptoms including headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, dizziness, weakness, confusion, convulsions, circulatory problems, difficulty breathing, coma, cardiac arrest, and death. Use of this product and/ or any other product(s) that could be potentially harmful to your health- should be used with great caution/ care- and under the supervision/ aid of an attendant- if possible, while adhering to strict guidelines.


My recommended CANCER CURE/ TREATMENT program is:

  1. Process apricot kernels- one (1) apricot kernel per five (5 lbs.) pounds of your total body weight in coffee grinder, in which one (1) level tablespoon of ground kernels is equal to 12 apricot kernels/ equal to sixty pounds of body weight.
  2. In food processer combine approximately 8 ounces of 100% fruit juice such as orange or grape- with ground kernels (about half full) which will neutralize the alkaline of the kernels
  3. (Recommended/ Optional) add one (1) scoop of Manna360 nutritional shake and one (1) raw egg for added protein
  4. And ¾ cup of frozen mixed fruit.

Blend for 30 seconds and you’re on your way out the door to start your day with an awesome shake that tastes great with all the nutrition your body needs to fully function throughout your entire day. Manna360 is a meal replacement shake that has literally every nutrient your body needs to function properly from sunup to sundown!

My recommended MAINTENANCE program to prevent cancer for EVERYONE is:

Identical to the CANCER TREATMENT program above with the exception that you only need to consume ½ the previously amount as mentioned above- so one (1) apricot kernel per ten (10lbs.) pounds of body weight.

Apricot Kernels are thought to be both good— and potentially bad for you (if consumed over recommended quantities) Their constituents consist of healthy fats and fatty acids (omega-6s/ omega- 3s) that help to decrease bad cholesterol, fight heart disease, improve mental health, and more.

Apricot kernels also contain ‘amygdalin’ a chemical compound converted into cyanide within the body, that can cause serious/ severe symptoms— and possibly ‘death’- if taken in unregulated amounts! However, it is this compound- that researchers think is responsible for ceasing/ preventing the continued development/ reproduction of cancer cells.

Consumption by children, those that are pregnant or are affected by certain blood/ breathing disorders are discouraged from the consumption of apricot kernels by (health establishments, practices)- as they are more susceptible to suffering severe symptoms. Please understand that there are risks- like with any treatment, and that chances of recovery/ symptom suffering from trying the above treatment by itself or in combination with any alternative and/ or modern medicine- can be thought to be likened- to the use of chemotherapy (though without the side effects of using chemotherapeutic drugs- can still cause severe symptoms and be fatal).

Chemotherapy- likened to ‘induced’ poisoning- though the same could be said for the purposeful use of apricot kernels- and ingesting highly processed foods containing fillers, additives, preservatives that significantly extend shelf life- but help to decrease yours 😑, artificial ingredients, and ‘food like’ products high in refined sugars (that can cause cancer, diabetes, inflammation, etc.), chemotherapeutic drugs kill cells that are in one or another processes of dividing into 2 new sister cells.

Because cancer cells divide much more often than most normal cells, chemotherapy is much more likely to kill them and supposed to be less likely to damage cells that are at rest, such as most normal cells. Once we are fully grown, most of the body’s cells don’t divide and multiply much. They only divide if they need to repair damage.

However, chemotherapy does cause side effects because it affects healthy body tissues where the cells are constantly growing and dividing, such as your hair, your bone marrow- which is constantly producing blood cells, your skin and the lining of your digestive system.

The chances of the chemotherapy curing your cancer depends on the type of cancer you have. chemotherapy can’t cure some cancers on its own, but it can help in combination with other types of treatment.

With some cancers, if a cure is unlikely, your doctor may still suggest chemotherapy to shrink the cancer, relieve your symptoms, and/ or to give you a longer life by controlling the cancer or putting it into remission.


This will not potentially work in every case but when caught early enough, incredible results have been documented as you will see below. I have that much confidence this will make the huge difference you’re looking for in one’s well-being, as you arm yourself and/or a loved ones- to fight against this 100% preventable disease!

I’d like to share the events of an 18-month-old boy, the son of my friend/ boss- who had an extremely aggressive cancerous tumor located dangerously at the bottom of his spinal column.

He was diagnosed with a serious tumor threatening his life leaving him less than six months to live. I immediately contacted his father and began to educate my friend on the facts and myths about cancer treatments and natural therapies as I have here.

This boy’s parents- desperate to save their son, ordered the kernels. The 18-month-old went in for a routine check literally hours before the kernels arrived that afternoon. His blood count was at the consistent 60, as the oncologists were then considering an aggressive chemotherapy treatment program to commence the following week.

When they arrived home, the immediate challenge was to figure out how to get these bitter tasting apricot kernels effortlessly past their son’s taste buds and somehow do it effortlessly for the rest of his life. I suggested they combine them with mixed with ‘Fruit at the Bottom’ yogurt (so the citric acid in the juice would neutralize the alkaline of the kernel to become a simple salt) and vanilla ice cream just to make it a treat for him.  In no time he was done and, on his way, out the door being a normal 18-month child playing with his twin brother.

The same regiment was maintained Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings before reporting to the Oakland Children’s Hospital later that Friday afternoon. When the blood work was taken, to everyone’s surprise, his tests indicated a score of 48! It dropped a full 20% in only three and a half days! Because of the sudden drop, the sample was tested again and again- and the same number was verified! Within the hour and after much confusion among his oncologists, the decision was made to postpone chemotherapy until the results the following week were verified.

Well, you guessed it! In the following weeks, the numbers continued to plummet even further to nearly half at 30 when the conversation came up to consider surgery to remove the tumor that was dangerously close to the nerves of his spinal column. The MRI results confirmed the tumor now had a definition as a cyst rather than an aggressive tumor as it became clear his body had begun to encapsulate the mass as a whole. In the days that followed surgery was performed but instead of being under the knife for hours as expected to painstakingly avoid all the adjacent nerves, they were in and out in less than 45 minutes- and confident that they had been able to remove nearly 100% of the now solid mass that was very distinguishable from all the surrounding healthy/ normal tissue.

The real kicker though is when Oakland Children’s Hospital was contacted for follow-up consultation for further treatment, the switchboard operator redirected all his calls not to Oncology but rather to the Hospital’s Legal Staff and soon he was reporting to the resident $500.00 per hour attorney who would only ask of him how he wanted to proceed. What!?! Proceed with what!?!

My friend called me wondering what in the world was going on- I explained in very simple terms: There are thousands of children that pass through the doors of that very well renowned facility yet only one child has ever had a sudden improvement in his cancer treatment. The results produced in the weeks since the apricot kernels were first introduced into his diet have never been recorded in the history of that facility. Quite simply, he simply had an extremely justified lawsuit to sue for malpractice on the grounds of misdiagnosis.

I told him it was up to him what he wanted to do. He gladly declined as he realized this horrific, frightening event in his son’s life had concluded and there was no further point to pursue anything but to continue to celebrate his son’s life. His son is now a happy, healthy seven-and-a-half-year-old boy doing all the things his friends are doing with no clue- as to how close he faced death at the hands of the current, extremely limited, cancer treatment system- we know today.

Next is a very dear friend of mine that was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. This is a tough one to catch as you might expect- the signs and symptoms resemble so many other issues that women can experience as they approach menopause.

She wanted to spend what she was convinced- to be her last Thanksgiving with her two very best friends- myself and another mutual friend of ours. I didn’t hesitate to make all the arrangements, picked her up, and utilized every second to carefully articulate every detail that you’ve read above as she cried.

Fast forward I was able to lift her confidence a little, but I knew nothing was going to change until she saw the proof in the weeks that followed. She was an absolute mess most days not wanting to get out of bed fighting incredible depression. I totally understood and supported her wherever I could when out of the blue her very surprised and confused oncologist reduced her diagnosis to Stage 3 and later Stage 2, totally bewildered and without any explanation. Again, I told her to NOT inform her oncologist that she was making a slight adjustment to her dietary food intake. We simply did not need to stir the pot and fight the words of a trusted oncologist by informing him/ her- that my friend was taking apricot kernels- unless there were reason for concern/ had she been showing symptoms i.e. of cyanide poisoning or if her prognosis was getting worse.

In the weeks that followed her numbers continued to drop until the decision was made to have a complete hysterectomy. When they went in, again it took less than half the anticipated time under the knife because the diagnosed tumors were transformed into simple benign cysts. She recovered fully in record time and not only was she present for her son’s high school graduation (during which she was convinced she would have long since been deceased) but was there for his college graduation as well! She is forever grateful I shared this ‘gift of life’ with her (armed with a cell reproduction regulator by continuing to ingest the kernels at the rate mentioned above to help prevent the return of the disease). The information to an alternative cancer treatment, than to have resorted to the use of chemotherapy- which would have only caused severe symptoms, depression, and in short time- possibly death.

My best friend had a coworker- whose (9) year old son was diagnosed with a very rare strain of leukemia and given only a few months to live as he didn’t respond positively to any other ‘acceptable’ FDA approved treatments. The decision was made to provide quality of life care over dragging things on for a few extra months causing him to suffer the misery of the effects of yet another round of more aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. His number was up long before the end of the school year. His father began the regiment of the kernels as prescribed above- and administered them as I had recommended per the 18-month-old in the previous testimonial- mixed with ‘Fruit at the Bottom’ yogurt and vanilla ice cream every morning before school. Within weeks his numbers plummeted just as it did for the others mentioned here.  Another child with 100% recovery as the oncology staff again are left scratching their heads putting this one up as an unexplained recovery.

His father is so grateful I was able to share this information. it’s been several years- long past his son’s “expiration” date. I am so grateful to simply have made the difference that I have been blessed to make with this knowledge.

I will be adding many more testimonials in the days that follow.

Let me assert that there is great hope for you and/or your loved ones. I hope there is enough information to get you into action and to consider the possibilities of a full recovery. By executing a logical, sound, healthy, and viable treatment program that costs as little as a few bucks a day (when incorporating the Manna360 nutritional shake and apricot kernels (apricot kernels can be purchased elsewhere).

I wish you all my best as you find the confidence to take matters in your own hands to implement a treatment program that works for you and your loved ones. Here’s to a happy and healthy cancer free life from here- forward! All my best!

-Hoffmann Fire & Rescue Technologies