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Wildland Fire Hydraulics Android and iOS Apple Phone App and Slide-Rule

Wildland Fire Hydraulics Engine Pressure Calculator: Phone App & Slide-RuleWildland Fire Hydraulics Engine Pressure Calculator: Phone App & Slide-RuleWildland Fire Hydraulics Engine Pressure Calculator: Phone App & Slide-RuleWildland Fire Hydraulics Engine Pressure Calculator: Phone App & Slide-Rule

...for the price of NetFlix!

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'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'™ 

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Phone App LINK and FREE digital version of "Wildland Fire Hydraulics - Myth or Math"

For a FULL video playlist, go to http://TakeAStand.HFTFire.com

Android-App-Links (pdf)


FREE Digital version for LIFE of 'Wildland Fire Hydraulics - Myth or Math' - Please compare to... (pdf)


'Basic Hydraulics' - An Introduction to Fire Streams - USFS, BLM, NPS Published 1978, Rev. thru 2009 (pdf)


Complaint to Cal OSHA: FALSIFIED Hydraulics instructed by CAL FIRE filed April 4, 2016 - [NFPA 1041] (jpg)


"Fire Hydraulics CALCULATOR" - Evidence of PURPOSEFUL NEGLIGENCE - [NFPA 1002 - 8.1.2] (pdf)


Cal OSHA, J. Weiss FULL exoneration of Cal Fire upon NO investigation? What? [29 CFR 1910.156(c)] (jpg)


RETALIATION! - UNHIRABLE in Rank #4 for evidencing TRUTH upon contesting POWER with LAWS OF PHYSICS (pdf)



In the same manner technology has provided incredible advancements in equipment and applied strategies and tactics to improve firefighter safety... just as this once 'CRAZY' idea has finally come to full fruition... we now have a phone app and mechanical slide-rule that calculates the necessary Engine Pressure (EP) in mere seconds to produce the REQUIRED Nozzle Pressure in 'REAL-TIME' at literally every stage for all recognized wildland fire progressive hoselay methods used today!  ...FOR YOUR SAFETY!

About Us

Is it not our obligation to implement every opportunity to extend that critical threshold of SAFETY for our crews!?! ...but especially when 'new' technology meets this OSHA mandate!?!


'The Technology to Take the HEAT!' 

Should we continue to test our luck on a guess when facing these conditions!?!


...when you finally have access to the technology and equipment to accurately calculate every drop!?!



 How critical is pre-measured Engine Pump Pressure (EP) when its truly needed here!?! 

'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'™

Pass any Wildland Fire Hydraulics exam with this download!

This is the most incredible Wildland Fire Hydraulics Excel spreadsheet in which just one result requires a formula referencing your seven (7) different entries to solve and identify the four (4) key components [Nozzle Pressure, Friction Loss (FL-trunk/attack line), Friction Loss (FL-lateral/overhaul line), Appliance Loss (A), and plus (+) or minus (-) HEAD pressure...

...in a 267 character formula!!!

...to SOLVE Engine Pressure in mere SECONDS upon only three (3) clicks!


NFPA 1002 & 1041, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.156 and 11c Injury Record Keeping (pdf)


USFS/BLM/NPS Basic Hydraulics (pdf)


Fire Hydraulics CALCULATOR unprotected (xlsx)


Garden Hose 'Coil-Configuration' Technology - FAST EFFICIENT FIRE HOSE DEPLOYMENT IN CONFINED SPACE! (pdf)


'Moment' vs 'Total' Effort To Deploy Fire Hose (pdf)


FireAndLifeSafety.org - 'Education for All Ages' (pdf)


Resume and Cal Fire FAE certificates (pdf)


CDC Embezzlement (xlsx)


CCPOA Felony Embezzlement in VIOLATION of MOU and FLSA Standards (pdf)


'HFT' Fire Hose Cabinet System Rotary vs. Linear Technology (pdf)


Fire Hose Roller and Pre-connect Hose Deployment Method

World's most versatile fire hose roller (Rolls hose from 3/4" 'Peanut Line' up to 5" LDH) also transitions into a Rope Rescue Winch in seconds!

Plus see the pre-connect fire attack hose deployment method below instructed at Texas A & M University as the industry standard since 2006... publication date of this original video.  

Fight the Fire... NOT the Hose!  ...even in Confined Space!  

Perform the work of four... in a quarter the time... and a quarter the effort!  

'The Technology to Take the HEAT!' 

Rope Rescue Winch

This Hose Roller quickly transitions into a first ever Rope Rescue Winch with an 8:1 Mechanical Advantage leverage system that can be anchored to any 2" Slide Receiver to SAFELY and efficiently lower rescuers and raise victims to an awaiting Medi-Flight or ground ambulance in a matter of minutes of arriving on scene. 

About Us

The Technology to Take the HEAT!™

A company of Fire Fighters... for Fire Fighters... to ensure you get the best products to ensure your highest level of SAFETY both in and out of the field.

Fight the Fire... NOT THE HOSE!

Countless hours have been put into Research and Development and testing in the field of every current and future revolutionary product you'll see here. 

The Buck Truly Stops Here!

Our only goal is your complete satisfaction at every step from introduction and consideration to choosing to purchase only the best this industry has to offer!

Please see my credentials at: http://RWHoffmann.com.


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